Business Networks – Foursquare

With a community of over 55 million users worldwide, Foursquare is the leading location-based social network. The integration between Foursquare and PinMeTo allows Foursquare’s users to access details about local businesses and leave recommendations, tips, check-ins, and more.

Foursquare sells its data on 7 billion-plus locations to over 150,000 apps and services, including Snapchat, Uber, Twitter, and Instagram.

Linking PinMeTo to Foursquare and keeping your info regularly updated will ensure that your brand is visible on these apps and services.

Type of connection:

Two way – Direct Connection. PinMeTo pushes data to the network as soon as there are data changes and the network pushes data to PinMeTo. We can verify what data is in the network.

We send them data once a week on Wednesday 11 UTC.

Business Networks Article

Location details data sent to Foursquare:

Storefront name
Location Descriptor
Profile Image
Cover Image
Location long/lat
Short Description
Long Description
Open Hours
Special Open Hours
WiFi network name