New PinMeTo Feature Alert: Google Location Images Upload

In the digital age, the way businesses present themselves online is paramount. Recognizing the importance of visual representation, PinMeTo is thrilled to announce its latest feature: the ability to view and upload Google images for specific locations. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting release.

The new feature allows customers to view and upload Google images for a specific location. To access this, simply navigate to Locations, select a location from the list, and click on the Media tab at the top.

Visuals play a crucial role in shaping a brand’s online identity. With this new feature, customers can now have a holistic view and control over how their listings are represented on Google. This means that businesses can ensure consistency, accuracy, and appeal in their visual branding, all from one platform.

Empower Local Experts

One of the best ways to utilize this feature is to distribute location audits to those who know the locations best: local or regional managers. Here’s a suggested workflow:

  1. Audit Locations: Assign local or regional managers to review the details, conflicts, and media of the locations they oversee.
  2. Clean Up Media: Remove any unnecessary media uploaded by the owner and report any inappropriate images uploaded by customers.
  3. Upload Quality Images: Add high-quality, relevant images that best represent the location.
  4. Monthly Checks: To ensure the visual representation remains up-to-date and accurate, repeat this process on a monthly basis.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the New Feature

  1. Log in: Begin by logging into your PinMeTo account.
  2. Navigate to Location: On the left sidebar under Listings, click on ‘Locations’ and select the desired location.
  3. Access Media Tab: Above the map, you’ll notice several tabs. Look for the new ‘Media’ tab.
  1. Add Images: To add new images, simply click on ‘+ Image’ located on the top right corner above the existing images.

Review: You can review the existing images in the tab