How to Manually Verify your locations on Google

This video is also available with Polish subtitles and Swedish subtitles.

What is Google Verification?

Google Verification is the process of confirming the accuracy and authenticity of your business information on Google Search and Maps. This helps your customers find your locations and ensures that your business information is up-to-date.

Why do I need to manually verify my new locations?

Till now, Google Business Partners as PinMeTo have been able to verify locations directly through Google. But in May 2023 the verification methods changed and chain businesses’ locations now need to be either manually verified (see video above) or automatically verified when added to a Bulk-Verified Google account. Benefits of getting a Bulk Verified account is that all future locations added to the Account will be automatically verified provided they have good data quality.

Applying for a Bulk-Verified Account

To set up a Bulk-verified account, specific guidelines and documentation must be submitted to Google Support. For example, your account must hold 10 or more locations from the same business, your account may not contain any errors and your business cannot be of Service-Area type etc. 

You can apply for a Bulk-verified Google account yourself, or PinMeTo can assist you in the application process. If you are interested – please reach out to our Support and they will guide you further. 

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