Updated Review Management Toolkit

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, efficiently managing reviews across multiple platforms is essential. PinMeTo is here to simplify this process for you with the latest update in our Listings product, focusing on the Insights – Ratings feature. This upgrade offers:

  1. A quick glance at review response rates across all networks and locations.
  2. Easy data sorting by network and location.
  3. Now, you can swiftly monitor review response rates at all your locations, both overall and by individual platforms, improving your engagement strategy.
  4. Choose between lifetime and date range views to analyze data as needed.

Top List Feature:

  • Get a snapshot of locations with the highest response rates, sorted by network.
  • Ideal for creating monthly or quarterly reports to share with local managers, encouraging them to respond to reviews more effectively.

Additional Features:

  • Download insightful data for each network and location with ease.
  • Identify and strategize top answered and unanswered reviews directly on the platform.

This update also assists you in:

  • Understanding the total number of reviews over selected periods.
  • Comparing answered and unanswered reviews across various networks.
  • Downloading custom data files to visualize top responses, making data analysis straightforward.

Furthermore, users can track the trends of positive and negative reviews over specific time intervals and platforms like Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot, providing critical insights for crafting business strategies.

At PinMeTo, we are dedicated to equipping you with tools that foster a seamless interaction with your customers across all platforms. This step is a commitment to aiding you in managing your online reputation with more simplicity and efficacy.

For further information or assistance regarding this update, feel free to contact us at support@pinmeto.com. We are here to help you tap into the full potential of these new features, propelling your business towards greater success.