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Multi-location brands strive to achieve high local ranking positions on Google and on other search engines because it’s clear that if you don’t ace the online game, you won’t get enough sales. Modern buying habits show that the majority of your customers first try to find you online before visiting your location. Of course, if that was easy to achieve, no company would be looking for third-party help.

Even though there are no ways to crack the algorithm and find fast ways to organically rank higher, there’s a partner that can help you manage your local marketing strategy in thousands of directories, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, or Trustpilot, in just one click. That’s us here at PinMeTo. PinMeTo audits your business directory listings and social media pages to look for inaccurate information that needs to be replaced and suggests you add items that can help you rank higher.

You can also find all reviews from different platforms and reply to your clients from one unified dashboard. If your business has multiple locations and your online presence is important for you, PinMeTo is a great tool to help you stay consistent in your local marketing efforts and attract more foot traffic. Setting up your SEO strategy can be a hassle, and it can take a long time until you start getting results. At PinMeTo, we’ll help you properly manage your location marketing operations so that these improvements get to your analytics in an efficient and steady way.

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