Listings – StoreIDs

StoreID is the most important tool for our system to identify unique locations within our Products and synchronise those with all the business directories.

We strongly advise to not change the storeIDs once they are setup within our system. Here is why:

  • Directories do not allow storeIDs to be updated via the API which can lead to a lot of technical errors and your data will not be sent correctly or not sent at all to those directories.
  • storeIds will need to be updated manually on directories which can lead to human errors especially if there are a lot of locations that need to be updated.

If you really require to change the storeID of a location, please contact our customer support via direct message or e-mail and they will be able to advise on the best approach according to your needs.

Please do not try to create a new location in the attempt to change the storeID as the directories will mark the new location as a duplicate and will show up as a conflict in our system.