Instructions for Accurately Displaying Your Business on Map and Search Engine Networks

When it comes to representing your business on location networks, it’s important to follow certain guidelines in order to maintain the accuracy and visibility of your locations. You may be tempted to add additional information in your location names, such as:

Your Brand Name – London (next to Big Ben)
Your Brand Name – Call us on +000123456
Your Brand Name – The Best In The Business
Your Brand Name – (inside the shopping center)

These examples are not acceptable

However, this may actually harm your SEO and go against the network’s rules.

It’s important to note that each network has its own guidelines for naming locations. For example, **Google** provides a set of guidelines on what is and isn’t acceptable in location names. It is recommended that you use only your brand name as the location name, and include additional information such as the area, phone number, or location reference in separate fields, rather than in the name itself, in accordance with these guidelines. To ensure the best visibility and accuracy of your locations, it’s essential to follow these guidelines. Non-compliance with guidelines may result in suspension of your locations.

Naming Guidelines – Google