How to Use PinMeTo’s Updated Locations Page

We are excited to introduce you to the redesigned Listings product on the PinMeTo platform. This guide will walk you through the enhancements of this interface, which has been designed to make your experience more streamlined and effective.

We’ve revamped our Locations page not just for a fresh look and enhanced user experience, but also to set the stage for the introduction of even more innovative features. This redesigned platform serves as a solid foundation upon which we can build and integrate additional, improved functionalities tailored to your needs.

Navigate to the Locations Page

  1. Log in to your PinMeTo account.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click on “Locations“.
  3. Select a location to view the new locations page design

You’ll now see a sleek, user-friendly interface where you can manage the information of your locations.

What’s New? 

New clean design of the location details page that makes it easier to view and manage your location data. It is organized into 6 main sections: General Data, Address, Contact Information, Open Hours, Category Settings and Custom Fields.

We’ve redesigned many of our data entry popups, focusing on enhancing usability. The improvements aim to make your data input process smoother, quicker, and more intuitive, thereby enhancing your overall experience on the PinMeTo platform.

Update Information

  1. To update location information, simply click on the location you want to update in the “Locations” tab.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the location’s data.

The update is sent to all major networks like Google, Facebook, Apple, Bing, and more.

Experience the Revamped User Interface

Our enhancements to the Locations page are designed to facilitate smoother and more efficient management of your locations. You can now effortlessly update your data, ensuring that your brand remains consistent across all platforms. These improvements aim to provide a more streamlined user experience that helps you manage your locations with ease and precision.