How to handle ”Temporarily closed” conflicts

In case there is a discrepancy in data between a network and PinMeTo Listings regarding the “Temporarily closed” status of any of your locations, Listings-Tasks will show a conflict.

To review and take action for each conflict, click on the “Temporarily closed” option, and a screen will display one conflict at a time.

  • Some networks may have a “Use this” option where you can choose the preferred information.
  • For Facebook and Google, if the Masterdata is set to “No”, and that location doesn’t have any temporarily closed dates coming up, you can click “Use This” on the Masterdata. However, if the location has temporarily closed dates coming in the future, you will need to set those dates in Listings to resolve any conflicts.

Some conflicts can happen, for example, when the Google data is missing the closure dates, while other networks’ data has them. In such cases, you can select the accurate data from another network.