How to Create an Instagram Carousel Post

Did you know that carousel posts have higher engagement rates than static image or video posts on Instagram? Your followers will be driven to take action and swipe to see the set of images and videos, making that post richer and more compelling.

You can easily create a carousel in the Posts section of PinMeTo.

To do so, navigate to the Posts app:

  • Select Create Post > Instagram.
  • Fill in the details of the post such as the title, publish date, message, etc. Any combination of up to 10 photos and/or videos can be included in an Instagram carousel post. You may select one or several locations and brandpages to publish the post. You’ll be able to rearrange the pictures and videos to build your own carousel.
  • Click Save to preserve a draft of the post; click Schedule to schedule the post if a future date was selected; or Publish to publish the post immediately.

Please note that:
Image format has to be Jpeg, minimum 150×150 and the file must be less than 8 MB.
Video format has to be .mp4 or .mov with a minimum of 1080×720; duration from 3sec to 1min and less than 100 MB file size.