Google API Update – How it affects your experience and what you should do

Google is phasing out one of their APIs, which means that services connected with Google, such as PinMeTo, will need to make a few changes to their own platforms.

What’s happening now?

Presently, Google is in the process of dividing its API into multiple individual APIs, which is a significant improvement in terms of architecture and can result in faster performance. This change will require replacing the existing connection between Google and external services like PinMeTo with a new one. As a result, users will notice some changes in their Google insights.

What are the main changes that I’ll see?

These are the key changes you will observe on the PinMeTo platform: Google has introduced updates in the Insights tab of the Listings and Posts sections:

  • The Searches block has been temporarily eliminated, but it will be reinstated shortly with some modifications. Rather than categorizing searches as DirectDiscovery, and Branded Search, they will be categorized according to the specific search terms (Keywords) used by individuals.
  • The Views block will provide insights into the devices used by people searching for you (mobile or desktop).
  • The Actions block will have a new category, Conversations, which consists of sets of messages sent by customers to you via Google.
  • We’re phasing out: the Compare button; Google Insights on Posts

Rest assured that your historical data will remain secure with us, even after the changes are implemented. However, if you compare the insights from the old and new API for the same time period, you will notice significant variations in both views and actions. This is because Google has modified the way it calculates these metrics.

We want to emphasize that Google has implemented these changes worldwide, and as an official partner, PinMeTo has taken swift action to adjust the platform to enable you to make the most of it!

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to reach out to us at