Facebook Posts

With our Posts product, you have the ability to publish content simultaneously to various Facebook brand pages and locations.

Here is how you do it:

  • Navigate to Posts
  • Click on ”Create Post” and select ”Facebook”
  • Add a Title(Internal use only)
  • Schedule your post if you like
  • Add content to your post
    • image, link, video or carousel
  • Location message – add the text of your post for the locations
  • Select locations
  • Brand Page Message – add text to your post for the brand pages
  • Select brand pages

Image has to be minimum 250×250
Image file must be less than 4 MB

  • Link
  • Video

Video can be up to 40min long
Video file must be less than 2 GB

  • Carousel
  • Reels
  • You have the option to schedule posts
  • Add targeting
  • Click ”Publish/Schedule” and you’re all set.

To obtain additional guidance on how to use template tags, please refer to the following link: