Enable / Disable Comments on Instagram Posts

PinMeTo now offers the option to enable or disablecomments on your Instagram posts. This gives you more control over who gets to say what on your page.

There are several reasons why disabling comments on Instagram posts can be beneficial. One reason is that it can help to prevent spam comments and unwanted engagement from bots or trolls. Additionally, disabling comments can also help to maintain a positive and inclusive environment for followers by reducing the visibility of negative or offensive comments. Additionally, some businesses or brands may want to focus on the visual aspect of the post, and not have comments take away from that.

Another reason why one would want to turn off comments on their posts is to keep a sense of control over the message they are trying to send out. In some cases, it’s important to present a certain image or brand message, and comments can detract from that. It also gives the owners of the account the ability to control the narrative in their own way.

It’s also possible to enable and disablecomments on a post after it has been published. It is worth noting that on Instagram, this is the only field that can be edited after a post has been published. It is not possible to modify other details such as the caption or media content. Additionally, deleting posts via the Instagram API is still not possible.

Existing posts, as well as new ones, can have the option to enable or disablecomments through the editing process.

The PinMeTo Platform makes it easy to enable or disablecomments for both new and old posts – just edit away!