Audience Targeting: Relationship Status Update on Facebook Posts

The recent enhancements to our Posts section promise to improve the way users interact with their audiences on Facebook, giving them a more dynamic and granular control over their social media outreach.

The update mainly involves a crucial update in the Posts creation. Users can now access all 12 relationships in the Audience Targeting settings while crafting a Local Post for Facebook. This access will allow businesses to create a more precise and targeted social media presence. They will be able to target their posts more accurately based on a myriad of criteria including the relationship status set by the social network’s users.

This new addition will make PinMeTo an even more valuable tool for managing your brand’s online presence and engagement. You can now share your content with more relevant audiences, potentially boosting your visibility, reach, and interaction on Facebook.

We are confident that this update will bring a significant improvement to the way our users plan and execute their social media strategies, offering them a more nuanced approach to reaching out to their desired audiences.

The option to use these enhanced Feed Targeting settings is immediately available when creating a new Local Post on Facebook. If you’re not already familiar with creating Local Posts or using the Feed Targeting settings, our support team is ready to assist you. Reach out to for more details or help with these new features.